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What is a Cash Home Sale?

A cash home sale is when we purchase your house with cash, rather than financing the purchase through a mortgage. This means that we have the full amount of money needed to purchase your home, without needing to go through a bank or other financial institution. As the seller, this can be advantageous because it means the sale can be completed quickly without waiting for a mortgage to be approved.

When we make a cash offer on your home, we are usually looking to purchase the property as-is. This means that you don’t need to worry about making any repairs or upgrades before selling. Additionally, because we are buying the home with cash, we don’t need to worry about an appraisal coming in too low, which can sometimes happen with traditional mortgage financing.

We Simplify the Selling Process in 4 Easy Steps

Let’s face it. Selling a home the traditional way is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Even after you do the work to get your house ready for sale, there is no guarantee that you will find a buyer. Offer House simplifies the selling process with a guaranteed offer. Sell your house as-is for cash in these 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Contact Us

Fill out a form on our website or give us a call to get started. Tell us about your property and why you need to sell your house fast. Feel free to ask us questions about our local home buyers.

Step 2: Schedule a Walkthrough

If we are interested in your property and seem like a good fit, we will schedule a walkthrough at a time that’s good for you. No need to prepare or clean  the property. We buy houses as-is.

Step 3: Get a Fair Cash Offer

If we feel good about the property, we will make a fair cash offer that you can work with. In most cases, we can make an offer within 24 to 48 hours of viewing the property the first time.

Step 4: Get Paid

If you accept our offer, the final step is to sign the paperwork and close the sale. We typically pay up to 100% of the closing costs. Our title company handles the paperwork and pays you.

We Can Work with You Regardless of Your Current Situation

A legal or financial hardship can bring a traditional house sale to a halt. Fortunately, a cash home sale removes these barriers and gives you the flexibility you need to unload your property quickly and get out of your mortgage. Offer House buyers work with motivated home sellers in all types of circumstances, such as:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Damaged house
  • Distressed House
  • Divorce
  • Downsizing
  • Forbearance
  • Foreclosure
  • Inherited House
  • Relocating
  • Rental House
  • Late Payments
  • Vacant House
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Late Mortgage Payments

Whether you are only a few payments behind or in the late stages of foreclosure, a cash home sale can help you get out of your mortgage quickly with your credit intact. We can close in as little as seven days (sometimes sooner) so that you can settle your debt and move on. Sell your house as-is to avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure, or a short sale.

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Moving or Job Transfer

You may have to move quickly due to a new job, military transfer, or a divorce. If so, a cash sale gives you the option to get out of your property and mortgage quickly so that you can relocate smoothly without any strings attached. It’s also a great option if you are downsizing for personal or financial reasons.

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Inherited Property and Probate

One of the most challenging events for any family is dealing with unexpected inherited property. Whether it’s the death of a loved one or moving a family member into a retirement home, you may need some quick cash to pay off any remaining property taxes, income tax, or outstanding debts. A cash sale allows you to close your probate case faster, giving you and your family peace of mind.

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Distressed House

We work with sellers who have distressed properties. A distressed house is a property that is in poor physical condition or has financial issues that make it difficult to sell. It could include properties in foreclosure, those in need of major repairs, or those with title issues. It can also include an old or damaged property, vacant or abandoned house, or a condemned property.

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Rental Houses

Are you a tired landlord? Maybe you have bad tenants. Regardless of your reason for selling your rental house, you don’t have to go through all the steps to find a buyer and secure the deal. Let Offer House assess your property and make a fair cash offer so that you can get rid of your rental house – even with the tenants still in it.

Why Would I Choose a Cash Sale Over a Traditional Sale?

A traditional home sale may be the most conventional way to sell your house. However, it may not work for you if you need to sell your house quickly or don’t have the money for repairs. Compare the three most popular ways to sell a house today below.

Realtor For Sale by Owner Offer House
Commissions Fees 6 percent Zero Zero
Closing Costs Pay up to 100% Pay up to 100% We Pay 100%
Appraisal Required Yes Yes No
Showings Yes Yes No
Repairs/Renovations Yes Yes No
Average Selling Time 60 to 90 days 6 to 12 months 7 to 21 days
  • Quick sale: Cash home sales typically happen much faster than traditional sales. Since there is no need to wait for financing or mortgage approval, you can often complete the sale in just a few weeks.
  • No need for repairs: Cash buyers often purchase properties “as is,” meaning that you don’t need to spend time or money fixing up your home before selling it. This can save you a lot of hassle and expense.
  • No real estate agent commission: When you sell your home for cash, you don’t need to pay a commission to a real estate agent, which can save you thousands of dollars.
  • No closing costs: Similarly, since there is no need for a real estate agent, you also don’t need to pay closing costs. This can also save you a significant amount of money.
  • Less paperwork: Without a real estate agent, there is often less paperwork involved in a cash home sale. This can simplify the process and make it less stressful.
  • Certainty of sale: Since cash buyers are paying in full, there is less risk of the sale falling through due to financing issues or other complications. This can give you peace of mind and a guaranteed sale.

A cash home sale can be a great option for those looking to sell their home quickly and with less hassle and expense.

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