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No matter why you need to sell or how quickly you need to close, we are here to help! We are buying houses in any condition, always paying fair and honest prices. If you have a house you need to sell fast, we want to work with you!

Here are just a few of the situations we have been able to help homeowners solve…

  • We are able to help you stop the bank and avoid foreclosure
  • We can help if you have a house in need of major repairs
  • If you are recently divorced and looking to sell your house quickly
  • If you need to relocate for work or family reasons
  • If you have inherited a house you don’t want to keep
  • If you are tired of being a landlord to bad tenants
  • If you want to sell without commissions or other standard selling costs
  • If your house is sitting vacant, costing you by the day
  • If you are dealing with a sudden illness or loss of a loved one

We work with homeowners on a case-by-case basis. We know that different situations require different solutions. We will work with you to run the numbers so you can determine the best solution for your selling situation! Whether your house needs repairs, you need to sell fast, or you simply don’t want to deal with the standard listing process, the team at Offer House can help you! Get in touch with us today to tell us more about the house you wish to sell. We will make the process simple so you can sell your house quickly and move on!

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