• Can a house be sold while in probate in Kansas City MO?

    Probate is the process of reassigning the property to the beneficiaries after the person dies. When a person passes away they leave their loved ones and their property behind. Sometimes the last will or the Testate is left behind by the person and in some cases it is not. Whatever is the situation, the property … Continued

  • Cash for houses in Kansas City – how to sell your MO house for fast cash

    Yes, Local house sellers are still getting cash for houses in Kansas City MO even in this real estate market.  Years back, selling a Kansas City house for cash was quite easy and fun. All you had to do was hang a “For Sale” tag on your front yard and wait for potential buyers to call … Continued

  • What happens when you inherit a house in MO?

    Inheriting a house is one of the few big surprises that life brings us sometimes. But what happens when you inherit a house in MO? As much as you may want to keep an inherited house, sometimes you may be forced to consider putting it up for sale. Well, selling an inherited house can be … Continued